Fiber Optic Termination Panel (FTP/FIP 14-28)

Fiber Optic Termination Panel (FTP 14-28)

An applicable fiber optic pigtail splice that is applied to a terminal access links FTTH access system. The housing can be installed such as FC, SC adapter can be connected by jumper in the light conversion device. This fiber terminal panel box applies to the communications room and various network room wall installation or desktop installation.


1. Applicable for Wall-Mounting
2. Cold-rolled Sheet, liquid coating high strength & beautiful appearance Lockable door.
3. SC Simplex/Duplex, LC, FC, ST adapter panel available
4. Cable entry holes with rubber grommet diameter 35mm.


◆ Wall mounted fiber panel
◆ Operating Temperature: -40~+75℃
◆ Dimension: 360mm*360mm*100mm
◆ Material: Aluminum, Steel.
◆ Capacity: 14~28core


◆ FTTX applications
◆ ODN-Optical Distribution Network
◆ ONT-Optical Network Termination
◆ CATV Network
◆ Wall mount for fiber distribution

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Available stock in Singapore.