RG6 Cable

RG6 Cable

What does RG6 cable really means?

RG which also stands for “Radio Guide” which conform to standard specification of the Radio guide. We will sometimes be confused by the “RG” numbers such as RG6, RG11, RG59 etc. Coaxial cable is a general classification for a specific type of cable. Cable that has two conductors at both sides which shares one common axis is a coaxial cable.

Most used cables in our Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB) and in private condominiums are RG6 and RG59 cable. This is due to size of the cable which is compatible with different type of connectors.

What is RG6 cable used for?

It is typically used for the distribution of high-bandwidth digital video, satellite signal transmission and cable television with exceptionally low static. RG6 cable is very thin and simple to maneuver in compact spaces behind walls and ceilings.

It has been an extremely popular choice and use for cable and satellite signal transmission for HDB, condominiums and commercial projects.

Is RG6 cable better than RG59 Cable

First question to ask yourself is what equipment you are using it for? The frequency ratings are also important in deciding which cable is the most suitable. Individual cable has their own specialty usage. The have diverse types of characteristics of jackets and shielings.

Therefore, RG6 cable is not necessarily better than RG59 cable. You really need to know what you are using it for and purchase the cables that suit your needs.

PPC RG6 Cable

Perfect Flex® Broadband Coax Cable – PPC (A Belden Brand)

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Product Description

6 Series, Standard Shield, 90% Braid, Black PVC Jacket, NEC CATV Rated
Footage Marked, Reel Package

Where to buy RG6 cables in Singapore?

RG6 coaxial cables can be easily bought from any local or online store. In terms of quality of the products, it will not be assured. You can always trust Nagasima Electronic Engineering Pte Ltd as a sole distributor for PPC (A Belden Brand) products. We only carry top- and high-quality brands and it is always best to purchase from certified distributor. 

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